Attention: Business Owners
Attention: Business Owners

Google Business Site Is
Shutting Down

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Starting from March 1, 2024, Google will shutdown all sites created with Google Business Profile Site. ""
This might affect your:
  • Customers
  • Sales & Revenue
  • Brand Reputation
  • Leads & Conversions
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  • High Return Of Investment
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  • Competitive Advantage
  • Improved Brand Perception
  • Affordable Cost Options
  • Beautiful Website Designs
  • Created by professionals
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We make websites not only Beautiful, but Optimized for speed and reach !
Cleaning Service
Security Services
Architecture Services
Gym (Fitness)
Carwashing Services
Car Repair (Mechanic)
We can design
ANY Website
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We make websites not only Beautiful, but Optimized for speed and reach !


Optimized for most used devices.

Lightning Fast

We use fast hosting servers.


Created by industry professional's.

FREE Domain

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All that, For Just Very Small Investment
Cost !
We make websites not only Beautiful, but Optimized for speed and reach !
WAIT ! We also give you dashboarding
What is
Analytics, visitors data in just your fingertips Quickly check with our dashboarding tools !

If there's no goal, there's no direction for action.

1. Data Consolidation

Digital dashboards serve as a centralized hub where data from various sources, such as databases, spreadsheets, and online platforms, is collected and displayed in one location. This consolidation simplifies access to critical information, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools or systems.

2. Visual Representation

Digital dashboards use visual elements like charts, graphs, gauges, and widgets to represent data. These visualizations make complex information comprehensible at a glance. Users can quickly interpret trends, patterns, and performance metrics without delving into raw data.

3. Real-Time Monitoring

Digital dashboards provide real-time updates, fostering data monitoring. Interactivity enables customization and drilling into specific data, facilitating informed decisions and proactive problem-solving.

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Memang power team optimyzedata boleh tiru sebiji apa yg sy gambarkan.. Biasa developer lain kurang dari 50% je diorang tiru. Yang lain design sendir & hancur haha

Astro Service Agent & Reseller

Sy ambil servis google ads dan setiap hari mmg akan dapat call/whatsapp dari customer yang berminat nak pasang astro atau nak service astro

Big Photo Canvas

Sy ada target singapore untuk product saya, OptimyzeData dapat kurangkan cost/leads by 2kali ganda. Dorang focus on data anlytics untuk cari solution and buat adjustments

EFS Trading & Services

Reporting memang crystal clear. Mudah untuk difaham sebab sudah diexplain dengan video. Mereka focus heavily on data, dan memang makes sense once dah explain startegy based on data. Alhamdulillah quality leads makin tinggi selepas follow suggestions OptimyzeData.

RoseĀ Builder

Lepas ambil servis google ads dengan OptimyzeData, setiap hari ada potential customer contact. Recommended
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