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Statistics of Facebook Usage in Malaysia

Number of Monthly Active Facebook Users in Malaysia
The usage of Facebook in Malaysia has reached a significant number. According to data released by Statista in 2021, there are more than 24 million monthly active Facebook users in Malaysia. This represents approximately 70% of the country's population. These statistics indicate that Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in Malaysia and has a very wide reach among its residents.

The popularity of Facebook Ads among Malaysian businesses.

Flexible Budgeting with Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads offer budget flexibility, with daily or lifetime budgets and CPC, CPM, or CPA bidding options empower effective expense management for businesses.

Advanced Targeting for Enhanced ROI​

Facebook's advanced targeting defines audiences by demographics, interests, behaviors, and connections, optimizing ROI by reducing wastage, ensuring ads reach interested individuals.

Wide Reach and Diverse Audience​

With millions of active users in Malaysia, Facebook offers a broad and diverse audience, catering to both local and international brands, regardless of their target demographics.

Advantages of Facebook Ads​

Facebook Ads: Your Digital Game Changer.

Harness the colossal reach of Facebook's 2.8 billion users with laser-focused targeting. While Facebook Ads provide extensive reach, Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram) offer the ultimate digital canvas for businesses. From brand awareness to conversions, Meta Ads ensure your message resonates, engages, and converts, driving essential business growth.

Why Facebook Ads​

Facebook stands as the world's most prominent social media platform, boasting 2.38 billion users globally. In Malaysia, where 23 million individuals actively engage with Facebook, businesses have a prime opportunity to connect with a substantial portion of the population. To truly optimize your advertising budget, advertising on Facebook isn't just recommended; it's essential.

Through Facebook ads, businesses in Malaysia can enhance conversions, establish brand recognition, foster engagement, drive lead generation, and accomplish their business objectives. These ads also extend their reach to platforms like Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network. What's noteworthy is Facebook's capability for precise audience targeting, making advertising cost-effective while ensuring your message reaches the right audience.

Specific Targeting

Hit Your Bullseye Audience! Reach the exact people who matter most to your business with laser-focused precision.

Conversion Tracking

Unlock Your Success Metrics! See the real impact of your ads by tracking every click, lead, and sale, leading to growth you can measure.

Customs Bidding Strategy

Maximize ROI with Strategic Bidding! Smart budget management that ensures your ad dollars work harder and smarter.

Audience Research

Know Your Audience Inside Out! Dive deep into audience insights, then slice and dice to create tailor-made campaigns that resonate.

Reporting & Insights

Data That Delivers! Transform numbers into actionable wisdom with in-depth reports and insights that power your next big move.

Sales Funnel Management

Convert, and Triumph! Effortlessly steer potential customers through every stage, creating lasting connections without missing a beat. Elevate your business with us!

Type of Facebook Ads Placement​

Right Column

Right column ads are less obtrusive and offer a subtle advertising approach, making them a non-invasive choice for reaching your audience.

Desktop News Feed

Desktop news feed ads are favored for their seamless integration and non-intrusive nature, contrasting with disruptive pop-ups and auto-playing video ads, ensuring a positive user experience

Mobile News Feed

News feed ads on mobile devices are compelling because they occupy the entire screen, ensuring users' attention without distractions from sidebars or columns.

Audience Network

Expanding your reach through Audience Network means accessing Facebook's and Audience Network's vast user bases, extending your ads to websites and popular apps.

Instant Articles

Using Instant Articles ensures your brand is ever-present in customers' Facebook journeys. Ads seamlessly integrate into both news feeds and articles for a comprehensive reach.


For impactful visual storytelling, Instagram placement is ideal. With 400 million monthly users spending 21 daily minutes on the platform, it's a visual haven for brands.

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